A Tribute to the Man Who Rode Across the Desert

In 2009, French author, photographer and adventurer Régis Fender rode an astounding 3000km across the Sahara desert. His transport mode of choice: the STRIDA folding bike. The award-winning bike took Fender to far-flung places, from the Moroccan High Atlas to the banks of the Senegal River. Over a five week period, ten hours a day, the STRIDA folding bike performed without a single mechanical hitch: a testimony to the superior endurance of the bicycle model’s precise engineering.

To commemorate and honour Fender’s amazing journey, STRIDA has created the Régis Fender Sahara (RFS) limited edition. With just 50 models available worldwide, the RFS is a direct descendant of the 1927 B66 Champion model. The RFS features hand hammered copper rivets, two extra rear springs for superior suspension comfort and a rigorous matte sand finish. The bicycle can also be folded and unfolded within 10 seconds, making it both a compact and trustworthy transport companion for any aspirational Saharan traveller.


Plus modestement premiers tours de roues aujourd’hui sur mon Strida 5. Étonnante impression de pédaler dans la semoule et d’être vif et réactif à la fois, un véritable petit vélo urbain joueur et agréable. Je commence à avoir l’air moins manche pour le plier et déplier.